Rivers and Streams

Rivers and Streams Technical Committee

The Rivers and Streams Technical Committee is to facilitate the proper management of Midwest cool, warm, and coldwater streams. This committee will organize and disseminate information and promote useful and timely research for the development of sound lotic management techniques that address aquatic populations and their environment. Read the full mission statement.

Chair: Secretary / Treasurer:
Iowa DNR
22693 205th Ave
Manchester, IA  52057
(563) 927-3276
Louise Mauldin
555 Lester Avenue
Onalaska, WI 54650

RSTC Spring Meeting – April 2 – 3, 2019, Rock Island Conservation Club in Milan, IL.  HERE for announcement.

The 29th Annual spring meeting of the Rivers and Streams Technical Committee is just around the corner.  The meeting was held on March 14th and 15th, in Milan, IL, at the Rock Island Conservation Club. This year we welcomed presentations on all topics related to rivers and streams in North Central Division. HERE is the meeting announcement with details of arrangements.

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State Representatives

2018 Reps are listed HERE

2017 Reps (Old list, left here for historical purposes) are listed HERE

State Chapter Reports

2018:  Nebraska   Illinois     Minnesota (2017 & 2018)    Iowa
2017:  Iowa     Nebraska     Illinois     Canada/Ontario     Missouri    Minnesota (2017 & 2018)   Indiana
2016:  Iowa     Wisconsin     Minnesota     Illinois
2015:  Iowa      Wisconsin     Indiana     Illinois      Minnesota

2013     Indiana
2012     Indiana
2010  No reports available
2009  No reports available

Committee Past Activities and Officers

Meeting Minutes

The Who’s Who in Stream Management in the AFS-NCD was first organized in 1989 and now it has been updated as of 2004. It is a list of people by state in the North Central Division that can be contacted concerning various stream activities. There are 25 different categories such as coldwater streams, dam removal, database management, fisheries assessment, GIS, habitat assessment, large rivers, stream macroinvertebrates, fish species identification, and freshwater mussels. A complete list of categories is given in a separate document. We hope to have this document updated every several years. Check your state out!
Who’s Who Categories
1. Channel change impact assessment
2. Cold water streams
3. Commercial fisheries
4. Dam removal
5. Database management
6. Drainage districts
7. Environmental Assessment
8. Fisheries assessment
9. Fish kills
10. Fish species identification
11. Fish tissue contaminants
12. Freshwater mussels
13. GIS
14. Habitat assessment
15. Habitat enhancement
16. Hydropower impact assessment
17. Instream flows
18. Large rivers
19. Long-term resource monitoring
20. Permit review
21. Riparian laws and rights
22. Scenic and protected rivers
23. Stream macroinvertebrates
24. Urban fisheries
25. Watershed management
Who’s Who State/Province Contacts
Contact Matt Matheney ([email protected]) with Rivers and Streams Technical