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About the North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society

The American Fisheries Society (AFS), founded in 1870, is the oldest and largest professional society representing fisheries scientists. In 2005, the Society included more than 9000 members.  AFS promotes scientific research and enlightened management of resources for optimum use and enjoyment by the public. It also encourages a comprehensive education for fisheries scientists and continuing on-the-job training.

The mission of Divisions within the American Fisheries Society is to advance Society goals by coordinating and complementing Chapter activities related to information exchange, outreach, aquatic stewardship, and governance at a regional level, and to maintain a liaison role with regional resource stakeholders. Divisions serve member needs in large geographic areas by coordinating with provincial and state-level agencies and organizations, and among AFS units, and representing Chapter needs to the AFS leadership (i.e., Society officers, Executive Director, and Governing Board members).
The North Central Division comprises 13 chapters representing 16 states and provinces, and includes 1581 (year 2005) dues-paying members of the American Fisheries Society.  Its Chapters range in size from the 56-member Kansas Chapter to the 259-member Michigan Chapter.  The Division holds its annual business meeting at the annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, a meeting which regularly attracts 1000 fisheries and wildlife professionals from the region.  The meeting location rotates between member Chapters.
The mission of Chapters within the American Fisheries Society is to advance Society goals by coordinating member activities related to information exchange, outreach, and aquatic stewardship within their geographic region, including coordinating with appropriate local, provincial, and state-level government and non-government agencies and organizations. Chapters serve member needs in local and provincial/state areas and represent those needs to the Division leadership.


Strategic Plan for the North Central Division
2012-2015 Strategic Plan
2005-2009 Strategic Plan


Misc reports for the North Central Division
2011 Strategic Plan Survey Report

2005 Membership Survey Report