Ictalurid Technical Committee

Chair: Chris Brooke ([email protected])
Secretary:  Micah Waters  ([email protected])
Past-Chair: Ben Neely ([email protected])

Previous Chairs of the Ictalurid Technical Committee

Mission Statement

To provide a forum in which pertinent data and technologies can be exchanged within the scientific community and among user groups.  To promote conservation of ictalurid diversity and the restoration of habitats which support threatened species.  To improve culture techniques, and encourage coordinated research and management of ictalurid species.

Second International Catfish Symposium was held in June 2010

The North Central Division’s Ictalurid Technical Committee and the Southern Division’s Catfish Management Committee of the American Fisheries Society hosted the Second International Catfish Symposium in June 2010. Proceedings from this symposium are available at the AFS bookstore.

This book explores the incredible diversity of catfish in size, life history, and ecology.  Catfish species occur worldwide and are of increasing interest to anglers, biologists, aquaculturists, aquarists, and conservationists.  Catfish provide important sport fisheries and many chapters provide new insights on sampling, population dynamics, and management of these sport fishes.  Numerous non-game species of catfish have not been well-studied and this book supplies new information on several of these species, including some that are threatened by habitat degradation and other factors.  Several chapters provide insights into the population dynamics and potential management strategies for nonnative catfish populations, some of which have devastated native fish fauna.  Other chapters document the large variation in fish movements and habitat use in river systems both within and among catfish species.  The last chapter summarizes the state of knowledge of catfish science, and identifies areas for future study.  This book will be a valuable reference for anyone interested in catfish, especially those charged with studying, managing, or conserving these important species.

Joining the NCD-Ictalurid Technical Committee

Membership to the NCD-Ictalurid Technical Committee is open to any and all who are working with ictalurid culture and management.

Catfish Forum
Catfish related questions or information should be posted to the new Southern Division’s (SDAFS) catfish message board, which now has a feature where you can opt to receive an email when someone posts.  Also, be sure to check out the SDAFS’ Catfish Management Technical Committee website for other useful information, including  papers pertaining to catfish management and other resources for the managing catfishes.


The first NCD Ictalurid technical committee meeting was held in December, 2001 in conjunction with the 63rd Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference.  To facilitate attendance at Ictalurid technical committee meetings, the annual meetings have been held during the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conferences.

NCD Ictalurid Technical Committee State Chapter Representatives

 Dakota Dave Lucchesi [email protected]
 Illinois Nathan Lederman [email protected]
 Indiana Craig Jansen [email protected]
 Iowa Tyler Stubbs [email protected]
Kansas Bryan Sowards [email protected]
Michigan Jay Wesley [email protected]
Minnesota Tony Sindt [email protected]
Missouri Chris Brooke [email protected]
Nebraska Tony Barada [email protected]
Ontario Jason Barnucz [email protected]
Ohio Ethan Simmons [email protected]
Wisconsin Bradd Sims [email protected]

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Annual reports submitted to NCD Governing Board(pdf)

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Upcoming meetings or events

The North Central Division and Southern Division do, at times, cosponsor workshops on catfish management and sampling efforts.  Topics typically include: harvesting and use of otoliths in aging; field collection methods for various catfish species; use of a variety of sampling techniques and equipment; and management implications from data trends.    When workshops are planned, information will be posted on this page.

Recent publications (pdf)
If you have recently completed a journal article, technical report, annual performance report or a popular article on a catfish related topic, you can make them available to others interested in the conservation and management of catfish by having them posted here.  Send a copy (pdf) to the current ITC chair listed above.  Another good source of catfish related literature is available on the Southern Divisions Catfish Management Technical Committee’s webpage http://www.sdafs.org/catfish/papers.htm

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