North Central Division

Standing and Special Committee Chairs

Standing Committees are permanent committees established through the Bylaws of the Division.  Currently, the Division has ten (10) Standing Committees.  Committee duties are described in detail in the NCD Procedures Manual.

Standing Committees
Archives Committee Jeremy Hammen
Auditing Committee Patrick Schmalz
Continuing Education Committee Debra King
Membership Committee Doug Workman
Newsletter Committee Jeremy Tiemann
NCD Nominating Committee Gary Whelan
Resolution Committee Greg Pitchford
Student Affairs Committee Kevin Haupt
Communications Committee Keith Hurley
Communications Committee Jeremy Tiemann
AFS Nominating Committee Brad Parsons
AFS Meritorious Service Award Greg Pitchford
Special Committees
Strategic Plan Update Ann Holtrop

The purpose of Technical Committees is to promote resource conservation and enhancement within the Division and to serve as the focal point for the collection and dissemination of information concerning important resource issues.  Technical committees are organized to deal with topical areas addressing issues relating to taxonomic, habitat, or technical orientation.

Technical Committees
Centrarchid  Kjetil Henderson
Esocid  Cory Kovacs
Ictalurid Tony Barada
Rivers and Streams Matt Matheney
Salmonid vacant
Walleye Nicholas Kludt