Urban & Community Fishing Tech Committee

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Urban & Community Fishing Tech Committee

Mission: The purpose of the Urban & Community Technical Committee is to foster the information exchange among state, federal, university, private, and municipal entities; and to promote the uses of education, marketing, and fisheries management of publicly accessible fisheries located within city limits to promote the advancement of the recruitment, retention, and reactivation of anglers.

Goals & Purpose

  • To promote urban/community fishing programs.
  • To discuss how urban/community fisheries fit into R3 techniques.
  • To share evaluation techniques of management, outreach, education, and marketing.
  • Develop recommendations for sound research projects dedicated to the advancement of urban/community fishing programs.
  • To share relevant research findings.
  • To share fisheries management and stocking successes and failures.
  • To provide a forum in which to foster the information exchange among user groups.

Chair: Tyler Stubbs – Iowa ([email protected])
Chair Elect: Laura Schmidt – Wisconsin ([email protected])

Chapter Reps:

Dakotas- Jeff Merchant – [email protected]
Illinois – Vacant
Indiana – Vacant
Iowa – Tyler Stubbs – [email protected]
Kansas – Jeff Conley – [email protected]
Michigan – John Buszkiewicz – [email protected]
Minnesota – Jessie Koehle – [email protected]
Missouri – John Schulte – [email protected]
Nebraska – Jordan Katt – [email protected]
Ohio – Tory Gabriel – [email protected]
Ontario – Vacant
Wisconsin – Laura Schmidt – [email protected]


2023 Annual Report