Esocid Technical Committee

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The Esocid Technical Committee provides an excellent venue and mechanism for students and professionals to share information on research, management, and culture of Esocids. Serving as Chair the past two years has been a great experience and has been a great way to meet new faces and seeing different places.  In addition, I have been able to share information on projects that have heavy merit in the world of fisheries research and management. Upon, my departure as Chair I want to welcome Janice Kerns as the new Chair of the ETC.  Janice comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Muskellunge research. Please welcome Janice to her new role as committee Chair. I encourage any of you who have not experienced a leadership role to reach out to either Janice or myself to become a Chair of one of the Technical Committees of the North Central Division.  The experience will certainly be valuable and applicable to many other components in your job(s). I wish Janice the best and good luck to all!


                Cory Kovacs, ETC Past-Chair


  • To encourage and coordinate research leading to the development of functional management strategies toward the wise use of esocid stocks
  • To advance the knowledge of esocid ecology
  • To improve culture techniques
  • To provide a forum in which pertinent data and technologies can be exchanged within the scientific community and among user groups


Chair Janice Kerns with a Two Sisters Muskie

ChairJanice Kerns, OH DNR

Chapter Representatives

Dakotas: Brian Blackwell  Minnesota: Mike Habrat 
Illinois: Rob Colombo Missouri: Dave Woods
Indiana: Nick Haunert  Nebraska: Keith Koupal 
Iowa: Jonathan Meerbeek  Ohio: Curt Wagner 
Kansas: Jeff Koch
Michigan:  Jim Diana & Cory Kovacs Wisconsin: Jordan Weeks 
Southern Division Rep:  Jeff Hansbarger

2007-2008 Ed Braun, Indiana 2014-2015 Dave Kittaka, Indiana
2008-2009 Jim Diana, Michigan 2015-2017 Cory Kovacs, Michigan
2009-2010 Rod Pierce, Minnesota  2017 – Present  Janice Kerns, Ohio
2010-2012 Jonathan Meerbeek, Iowa
2012-2014 Dave Woods, Missouri



None at this time


The ETC approved the following document at a 2017 Meeting: History and By-Laws of the ETC

List of presentations in past Symposia can be accessed here:

1991: Northern Pike Ecology and Management

1997: Strategies for Muskellunge Management

2002: Northern Pike Management

2005: Crossman Memorial Muskie Symposium

2016: Hugh C. Becker Muskie Symposium






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Updated: 1/17/2017