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The NCD Student and Early Career Professionals Activities Committee (SECPAC) is in the process of rebuilding and rebranding. Opportunities for students and Early Career Professionals to gain skills and network is daunting and sparse opportunities currently exist. The SECPAC’s priority is to improve communications among multiple levels of AFS within the NCD and offer opportunities to benefit students and Early Career Professionals. We are looking for people who are interested in SECPAC involvement which may include brainstorming and implementing ideas to benefit students and Early Career Professionals or leading a subcommittee (Midwest Conference, Membership, Communications, and Continuing Education). If you are interested in becoming involved, please reach out to Shaley Valentine ([email protected]) or Hadley Bohm ([email protected]) to be added to the slack channel and email list.


Click HERE for all of the info needed to apply for this opportunity

Mainstream Newsletter

Most Recent January 2024 Mainstream Newsletter is HERE

Huge NCD Logo Wear Sale!

Want some cool NCD clothing or a new mug?  Check out the online NCD Store on Threadless T’s HERE for official NCD Logo Wear.  Also, some of the committees and student chapters have cool items available.

Ambassador Program

The NCD Ambassador Program is a way to encourage more communication and collaboration between our AFS Chapters.  The Ambassador Program encourages chapters to “invite over a neighbor” from one of your neighboring states to give a presentation at your annual meeting.  Additional info is available HERE.

Underappreciated Fishes Tech Committee

Interested in “underappreciated” fishes?  There’s some traction to start up this new Technical Committee.  Please see the details HERE.  And if interested, please do contact Paul DeRolf of Ball State.

North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society

Draft Strategic Plan 2016–2019

Updated plan is available for review HERE.

AFS Emerging Leader Mentorship Award Program

The American Fisheries Society requests applications for the Emerging Leader Mentorship Award (ELMA) Program.  The purpose of the ELMA Program is to develop future leaders of the Society, and the fisheries profession as a whole, by providing selected candidates an opportunity to participate for one year in activities of the Society Governing Board.  Participants in the Program are selected based on their level of involvement in AFS, as well as their potential for assuming leadership of Society units in the future.  Click HERE for more information.

NCD is now offering a new Jobs Board for our membership (see link above in Top Menu).  NCD will post FT and PT positions related to something aquatic / fisheries / habitat / etc.  NCD reserves the right to not post your position if it does not line up with AFS’ mission statement.  Send postings to NCD Website Manager.  For those looking for a job, link is above on the top menu.

Need another book in your library?  Check out the new offering from Nebraska HERE

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