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 AFS Governing Board –

We need you all to energize your Section, Division and Chapter members to get excited and submit symposia for the Atlantic City meeting.  In the next couple of days an announcement will be sent to all AFS members notifying them of an extension of the deadline for submission to January 31.  We are running low on current submissions and really need to encourage people to get creative, call their colleagues and pull something together.  Every AFS Section should have something on the books for Atlantic City.  There has got to be something that is relevant and timely for your section that would benefit from a symposium at the Atlantic City meeting (if not, you need to really think about what your section is doing!).

Let’s get creative and get people excited about building a great meeting in Atlantic City!

All the best,

Douglas Austen, Ph.D

Speaking of AFS 2018 Symposia, here’s one to consider attending:

Fisheries Independent Surveys: Lessons Learned and Paths Forward

Most Recent September Mainstream Newsletter is HERE

North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society

Draft Strategic Plan 2016–2019

Updated plan is available for review HERE.

AFS students and young professionals 

Interested in becoming involved in AFS?

Consider involvement within the Student Subsection by running for an officer or division representative position of the Student Subsection. Any AFS member is eligible and interested parties should contact Clint Llyod at . The Student Subsection will solicit nominations until Tuesday, August 9.

Newest Bylaws Approved and Posted

The revised North Central Division Bylaws, Rules and Procedural Manual has now been approved by our members and the Parent Society’s Governing Board.  This new 2017 version is now available HERE for your reading pleasure.

AFS Emerging Leader Mentorship Award Program

The American Fisheries Society requests applications for the Emerging Leader Mentorship Award (ELMA) Program.  The purpose of the ELMA Program is to develop future leaders of the Society, and the fisheries profession as a whole, by providing selected candidates an opportunity to participate for one year in activities of the Society Governing Board.  Participants in the Program are selected based on their level of involvement in AFS, as well as their potential for assuming leadership of Society units in the future.  Click HERE for more information.

New Continuing Education Page (under construction HERE)

President’s Blog – President Pyron will not be doing the standard “messages”.  Click HERE to read his most recent blog post.


• 77th Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference – Try to make Milwaukee in 2018!


Sandy Clark-Kolaks (left) & Melissa Wuellner (r)
Sandy Clark-Kolacks presents a plaque of appreciation to Melissa Wuellner for her service as President of the NCD



22 people attended the joint business meeting of the AFS NCD CTC, ETC, and WTC on February 5, 2017

100_1248WTC Sander Travel Award winner Andrew P. Bade, M.Sc. student at The Ohio State University in front of his poster entitled, “Use of Lake Erie’s Ohio reef complex by walleye (Sander vitreus) during the spring spawning season”.  His poster’s co-authors were Tom Binder, Christopher Vandergoot, and Matt Faust.


100_1243 WTC Chair Jeff Koch presents an AFS Plaque of Appreciation to WTC Past Chair John Bruner.

100_1237 WTC Chair Jeff Koch presents Andrew Bade a $100 check and the walleye book as part of the WTC 9th Annual Sander Travel Award

100_1239 Ohio Chapter Rep Joseph Conroy (right) presents a $100 check from the Ohio Chapter  (WTC Sander Award match) to  Andrew Bade. 

100_1232 Dr. Cory Kovacs runs the Esocid Business Committee meeting.

100_1242 Jonathon Meerbeek presents the AFS Plaque of Appreciation to ETC Past-Chair Cory Kovacs.

NCD is now offering a new Jobs Board for our membership (see link above in Top Menu).  NCD will post FT and PT positions related to something aquatic / fisheries / habitat / etc.  NCD reserves the right to not post your position if it does not line up with AFS’ mission statement.  Send postings to NCD Website Manager.  For those looking for a job, link is above on the top menu.

Need another book in your library?  Check out the new offering from Nebraska HERE

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