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“Continuing Education for your Professional Future”


Mission Statement:  “AFS recognizes continuing education is often one of the key benefits of membership.  Sponsoring workshop(s) at the annual MFWC has been the primary avenue the NCD has provided that service in the past.  However, the NCD CE Committee recognizes those opportunities are few and far between for most members.  Both hands-on and distance learning classes are occurring throughout the Midwest through a variety of sources year round.  The committee hopes members will benefit from having this information continually available on the NCD web page.” 

Knowledge Seeker Award

The North Central Division of the AFS has developed the Knowledge Seeker Award to provide funding support to undergraduate or graduate students seeking the opportunity to attend fisheries related training, workshops, or continuing education courses.  Click HERE for more information and an application on page 2 of the pdf.

Webinars (Click for more Information):

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Upcoming Courses (click for more information, but you may have to scroll up a few lines):

Planning and Executing Successful Rotenone and Antimycin Projects

May 14 – 18, 2018, Logan UT

Click HERE for all of the details on the Parent Society’s site

For 2018 class information, please contact:

Brian Finlayson, 530.957.0333, or
Don Skaar, 406.444.7409,

Lodging block reserved at University Inn – Event: American Fisheries Society 2018, University Inn, 800.231.5634

R Programming for Data Sciences/

An online course through Michigan State University (MSU). Open to everyone!

Learn more at:

Course instructor: Dr. Andrew Finley

Course overview: R has emerged as a preferred programming language in a wide range of data intensive disciplines. The goal of this course is to teach applied and theoretical aspects of R programming for data sciences. Topics will cover generic programming language concepts as they are implemented in high-level languages such as R. Course content focuses on design and implementation of R programs to meet routine and specialized data manipulation/management and analysis objectives. Attention will also be given to mastering concepts and tools necessary for implementing reproducible research.

The course is delivered entirely online through the course management system D2L. Topics listed below are covered in an active, project-based learning environment:

-History and overview of R
-Install and configuration of R programming environment
-Basic language elements and data structures
-Data input/output
-Data storage formats
-Subsetting objects
-Control structures
-Scoping Rules
-Loop functions
-Graphics and visualization
-Grammar of data manipulation (dplyr and related tools)
-Statistical simulation

Please contact Andrew Finley with questions at


The Stream Simulation Design Approach for Providing Aquatic Organism Passage at Road-Stream Crossings, click HERE for full announcement.

23 – 27 October 2017 in Bedford, Indiana

This is a FREE 4.5 day workshop.  Contact Len Kring or Amanda Kunzmann for more information.  Details about the agenda can be found HERE.

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Ongoing Training Modules / Videos

The Management Assistance Team program  through the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies provides inexpensive online training opportunities on leadership, communication and facilitation. Follow the link below for more information:

Interested in Continuing Education Opportunities at the Parent Society Level?  Click HERE for a list of those.

Know of any Educational Opportunities that our NCD membership may be interested in attending?  Please share those with the CE Chair David Deslauriers

CE Members:

David Deslauriers, Manitoba, Canada  (Chair)

Melissa Wuellner, SD

Andy Turner, MO

Brad Farwell, MO

Kristen Patterson, IL


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