Centrarchid Technical Committee

Mission:  To encourage and coordinate research leading to the development of functional management strategies toward the wise use of centrarchid stocks, to advance the knowledge of centrarchid ecology, and to provide a forum in which pertinent data and technologies can be exchanged within the scientific community and among user groups.

Chair Will Radigan
Past-Chair BJ Schall
Treasurer Derek Kane
 Member Representatives
Dakota Elizabeth Renner
Andrya Whitten
Missouri Cade Lyon
Nebraska Sean Farrier

Meeting Minutes (pdf format)
2000 Summer Meeting 2000 Annual Business Meeting
2001 Summer Meeting 2001 Annual Business Meeting
2003 Summer Meeting 2008 Annual Business Meeting
2005 Summer Meeting 2009 Annual Business Meeting
2011 Winter Meeting 2020 Annual Meeting (Joint with WTC)
2022 Annual Meeting 2023 Winter Meeting
2024 Annual Meeting

CTC Reports (not meeting minutes)
Summer 2018
Winter 2019
Winter 2020
Winter 2021
Winter 2022
Winter 2023

CTC Past & Current Projects:

  • 2024 CTC Symposium: A Regional Analysis of Factors Driving Bass Recruitment is being planned (contact: Will Radigan)
  • 1995 Symposium: Centrarchid Reproductive Behavior: Implications for Management
  • 1996 Centrarchid sampling methods (contact: Doug Beard)
  • 2000 Crappie Management Symposium
  • 2005 Bioenergetics Continuing Education Workshop
  • 2006 Symposium:  Conflict Resolution In Black Bass Fisheries (contact: Keith Hurley)