Ambassador Program

The NCD Ambassador Program is a way to encourage more communication and collaboration between our AFS Chapters.  The Ambassador Program encourages chapters to “invite over a neighbor” from one of your neighboring states to give a presentation at your annual meeting.  It is suggested that the inviting chapter cover the registration cost for the person they invite to give a talk, and it is also hoped that this blossoms into a reciprocal relationship between chapters.  To facilitate this program, NCD has created this page as an information exchange, where NCD will post the agenda from each chapter’s last annual meeting, as well as the contact information for the current chapter president.  Feel free to peruse the presentations given at the various 2019 annual meetings, and see if something interests you.  Then, reach out to that chapter president (which can be easily found by clicking the chapter links on the right side of this page) to get information about presentations and presenters.  

Ultimately, once Bork gets around to it, there will be separate links for each year’s Programs, that will take you to the Division’s Google Drive where you will be able to review each Unit’s annual program. Please stay tuned!

2022 Programs:

Dakota Chapter Agenda

Wisconsin Chapter Presentation List (This is an Excel File to download)

WI Guest Speaker List

MN Chapter Program

MI Chapter Schedule

Ontario Chapter Program

IL Chapter Conference Program

NE Chapter Speaker List

2021 Programs Available HERE

Dakota/MN Agenda

Illinois Agenda

Illinois Abstracts

Indiana 2019 Program

Indiana’s 2020 Program

Indiana’s 2022 Program



Kansas 2020 Program Abstracts

Michigan Agenda

Michigan Abstracts

Minnesota – Joint with Dakota

Minnesota 2020 Program & (separate) Abstract Booklet


Missouri’s 2020 Booklet

Nebraska 2019

Nebraska 2020


Ohio – 2019 Midwest meeting Agenda


Wisconsin’s 2020 Program