Fisheries July 2015

July 8, 2015 


North American Journal of Aquaculture
Special Section: Hatcheries and Management of Aquatic Resources (HaMAR)—Considerations for Use of Hatcheries and Hatchery-Origin Fish

Concurrent with the development of the guidance document (contained in the introduction to the special section and titled “Considerations for Use of Hatcheries and Hatchery-Origin Fish”), some of the HaMAR-related symposium presentations were peer-reviewed and are published in this special section of the journal. …Read more.


Fisheries Article Makes Headlines: LSSU profs keepin’ it reel with muskie research

Lake Superior State University biology professor Kevin Kapuscinski and LSSU research associate Derek Crane have written an article on Muskellunge and Northern Pike ecology that has been featured in the June issue of FisheriesMagazine …Read more.


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From the desk of the AFS Policy Director
(about Tom Bigford)


Find AFS Past Meetings on Capitol Hill:
• Challenges Related to Managing Fish Stocks
 Applying Fish Habitat Knowledge to Fisheries Management.

Advocacy work:

• AFS Policy Director Tom Bigford participated in The Expert Is In program, sponsored by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Bigford’s presentation, “Is That Really a Fish?”, explored nature’s variety of marine fishes.

Spotlight on Members


AFS Member (and NCD affiliate) Melissa Treml on the Decline of Minnesota’s Perch

An apparent long-term decline in Minnesota’s Yellow Perch populations has the Department of Natural Resources fisheries officials perplexed and seeking answers. Melissa Treml, DNR fisheries research manager, said the perch trend is concerning. “We have formed a group to look into it so we can try to identify a cause,’’ she said. …Read more.


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