AFS 2016 Symposium Invitation – Role of Social Media in Fisheries

Fisheries Science in 140 characters: The role of social media in our science

Social media is not a new phenomenon. Many organizations have embraced it as a way of communicating with new audiences, making connections, and building partnerships. But what impact does it have on science, particularly fisheries science? In many ways, social media has transformed the way we disseminate our science, making it more transparent and open. Social media allows for a rapid exchange of information, but lacks the rigors of peer review which may lead to miscategorization of information. When used efficiently, it can be a powerful tool for engaging stakeholders. It can also be a dangerous tool, as highlighted by the recent debate over the ethical ramifications of live-tweeting at conferences. This symposium will explore several aspects of utilizing social media within fisheries science. Topics will include communicating science to lay audiences, the role of social media in the publishing arena, using social media to verify (or deny) rare fishery events and enforcement, and understanding the impact of your digital footprint.

Sean Lucey is organizing this Symposium at AFS 2016.  The past couple of years have been highly successful with high attendance and publications.  This year our symposium is entitled “Fisheries Science in 140 characters: the role of social media in our science”.  We’re not looking for the ‘hey social media is a new shiny tool we should be using‘ type talks but rather talks that dive deeper into the impact of social media on our science.

If interested in participating, please contact Sean Lucey directly.